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Founder and Owner of a socially conscious business She runs a woman and a minority owned business in artisan handmade home goods and decor all made in India by traditional artists. Shop now!

My Story

TerraKlay is a Chicago-based artisanal lifestyle brand specializing in handmade home goods and decor. We connect traditional beauty with the modern world.

With a formal background in Fine Arts, I’ve worked with folk and tribal artist communities in rural India for over a decade bringing extensive understanding of indigenous arts and crafts. I launched TerraKlay in 2016 by featuring beautiful handmade black clay pottery, a traditional craft of artisan communities of Manipur, India. The idea behind the venture was to create more meaningful opportunities for women artisans who have been working in their craft for generations. And now we are expanding our reach to bring you more crafted products beyond pottery. 

During my time with TerraKlay I've met many inspiring craftspeople that have rich and diverse traditional practices. Year 2020 created opportunities to evolve and reflect on building resilience for the artisan community. I’ve committed to collaborating with select groups to curate a collection of beautiful things for the home--items that are still “TerraKlay” simple, enjoyable and responsible.

- Manvee

New Partnership

TerraKlay is partnering with Himalayan Naari, a women's self-help collective, to revive traditional woolen crafts in northern India. We hope to revalue traditional textile techniques such as handlooming and hand knitting with an international focus through design collaboration, marketing, and sales efforts. Himalayan Naari is a non-profit and fair trade organization that aims to improve the lives of approximately 100 artisan women.
TerraKlay founder Manvee Vaid is an advisor to Himalayan Naari and a member of the Himalayan Education Foundation board.

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Terraklay products are all handmade, sustainable, eco-friendly and keeping traditional crafts alive. We work with women artisans who are giving back to their families and their communities

We Believe

Refined living does not need to come at the cost of hurting the planet or the people who craft the products. We want to put nature and people at the center of everything we do.

Buy better, buy less: As a small business we recognize that conscious commerce can champion for sustainability in both consumption and production of everyday lifestyle products. Responsible consumerism means buying products that are made to last. You won’t see any disposable or one-time use products from TerraKlay.

Bring recognition, and respect to the artisans community: What we will never change is our passion for craftsmanship as well as our commitment to building collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with the artisans we work with.


TerraKlay products have a distinct, earthy, yet contemporary appearance. We offer creative design input that is incorporated into the production. However, the end product embodies the artisan’s indigenous knowledge, techniques, and creative processes, while reflecting their cultural identity and tradition. 

We name our products after each women artisan who crafts them simply because it creates a world of good. Their product name gives them a seat at the table to be partners. It empowers artisans to make a difference in their communities and to be entrepreneurs in their own right. This approach also encourages artisans to compete in a global marketplace with limited resources, cheering their spirit and courage.

TerraKlay products are authentic because they are the masterful creation of each home-based, skilled artisan. No mass production factories are involved. Instead, each piece is expertly crafted by hand. No two pieces are exactly alike. Slight imperfections add to the real handmade nature of the craft without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Natural wool balls in a basket. TerraKlay uses all natural materials in its production

Our Materials

We work with quality materials and conscious processes that preserve our planet and craftsmanship culture. We take great pride in sourcing sustainable materials as well as recycling and reusing every inch of our fabric. 

We use premium quality cotton, fine wool, upcycled banana fibers and fabrics colored with natural plant dyes, making each ingredient completely natural and safe. Priority is placed on energy and water efficiency. Products are handmade with love and care that do not harm the environment leaving you feeling empowered by your purchase.