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handmade goods from honest origins with a story to tell

Take an incredible journey of TerraKlay. Our vibrant artisans embody the interconnectedness of our world. They are handcrafted by skilled creators from Tunisia, India, Guatemala, and Peru weaving together stories of love and dedication. Each product holds a tale of its artisan, the community it originates from, or the timeless techniques used in its creation. Every TerraKlay piece has a voice, whispering of the hands that shaped it with soulful artistry.

Himalayan HandLoom Weavers

Our collaboration with the women of a self-help collective in the Himalayan belt of North India explores the hidden treasures of traditional craftsmanship and design. TerraKlay is working at the grassroots with this authentic, high-skilled all-women's collective. Through the regeneration of knitting and weaving practices, over 100 women artisans are improving their lives and strengthening local communities while creating a sustainable global business. This women collective seeks a life free from violence, and one that ensures food and livelihood security, and people-centric development in the region. These women handloom and knit our merino wool products by using the best quality wool which is naturally dyed in small batches, ensuring sustainability and supporting our no-waste philosophy.

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Nature’s color palette

Western Ghats of South India is a nature lover's paradise housing different tropical plant species from eucalyptus to acacia trees indigenous to the region. This environment provides enough raw material to practice natural dyeing. Here, we are collaborating with an organization in a rural community that works with differently abled people, training them to be independent and confident. They utilize 100% hand dyeing techniques and natural ingredients, so the whole process is environmentally friendly. A great priority is placed on energy and water efficiency in the dyeing process. TerraKlay shibori napkins and table runners were collaboratively designed keeping in mind recycling, up-cycling and adopting ethical and sustainable methods while creating our textiles. 

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A new life for waste

The banana tree in its entirety is deeply woven into the country’s cultural fabric. A non-profit organization in South India has developed a process to make ropes from the dry bark of the banana trees. Local artisan women then crochet this natural resource to make TerraKlay’s ecological banana fiber products. An original group of eight women has grown to support the livelihoods of 150 to 200 women, many of whom are the second generation of weavers/artisans. Product sales not only help the women of the village to earn an independent income, but sales also create a space where they can work together, share their experiences and learn from one another as a family. The end product serves a higher purpose, sparking creativity, friendship and community. Incidentally, the banana fiber craft helps recycle and upcycle natural resources.

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Art of Black Stone pottery

The black clay pottery is inspired by handmade traditions that aim to preserve the skills unique to artisan communities of Manipur, India. This traditional craft is mastered by the Thankhul Naga tribes, who practice an art form that has been part of their lives for centuries. Used daily in the kitchen and for food storage, it is said that pottery is the heart of every home in Manipur. The pottery is entirely handcrafted (without using the potter’s wheel) by using local clay unique to the region. The women artisans, who work collectively to create the pieces, imbue each one with beauty, simplicity and elegance. All TerraKlay earthenware pottery is lead-free and food safe.  

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From Farm to Fabric

TerraKlay is partnering with cooperatives in South India working with small and marginal organic farmers that are using rainfed agricultural methods. These cooperatives identify traditional skills and knowledge, organize the community around local resources, and link them to global opportunities and markets to improve livelihoods. TerraKlay tea towels and dinner napkins are entirely hand-loomed using these local resources and traditional skills. We value this partnership because it improves livelihoods, helps continue sustainable agricultural practices, and stresses fair business practices. 

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Magic of Clay

TerraKlay is bringing a wide range of functional designs in stoneware pottery created by craftsmen and craftswomen from south India's village community.

These products were born from the idea to create a platform where the villagers could live and work in their village and learn a new skill instead needing to migrate to bigger cities. This led to the creation of a range of "eco-friendly products" wheel-thrown by village craftsmen. All stoneware cups are fair trade and show the beauty of their handmade artistry.

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