Our Story

 Our journey with Terra Klay took us down a path of vibrant, creative and interconnected world we all live in. Stories of people, traditions, trust, friendship, and much more.

The brand is inspired by handmade traditions which aims to preserve the pottery skills unique to artisan communities of Manipur, India. All of Terra Klay’s products are hand crafted by women artisans who work collectively to create the pieces, imbuing each with beauty, simplicity and elegance that characterize the region's people.

It is also built on the idea that every product has a story and if you listen closely enough, it will tell you of the hands that held and crafted it, with a soul and love.

We are committed to create opportunities to support artisans that craft cottage industry products and build their businesses. The company operates on principles of fair trade, with a strong emphasis on socially responsible practices and elevate the status of the women artisans in their community.

We strongly believe that business can make a difference and create social change.

Now let’s connect traditional beauty with the modern world.


 Manvee Vaid with artisans in Manipur


Manvee Vaid with artisans and their family in Manipur



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