Bringing Global Artisans and Small Businesses to your door!

Bringing Global Artisans and Small Businesses to your door!

This New Year, Terra Klay is welcoming exciting changes while introducing new opportunities, as well as new expectations and ideas. 

We have been busy connecting with some great social enterprises and artisan groups to introduce a more extensive line of handmade products before the season picks up again. (Hint: Valentine’s day, weddings, birthdays, etc.)
Last year Terra Klay gifts featured products, perfect for conscious people who believe that shopping with purpose is a way to positively impact the world. Following the success of these gifts as both corporate and personal gifts, we are ready to offer a unique blend of products that goes beyond the teapot.

Our curated thoughtful gifts are going to be a mix of products created by global artisans dedicated to rejuvenating traditional handicrafts as well as boutique businesses here in Chicago committed to the belief that people matter and business can create change.
Gifts tell a story. We see them connect people, make memories, 
and transform lives.

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