Terra Klay - Video Submission for the FedEx Grant!

Terra Klay - Video Submission for the FedEx Grant!


It was amazing to see the pouring of love and support to get Terra Klay through the final round of video submission for the FedEx grant. Suggestions, advise, willingness to help and people reaching out to another asking to help me make this video was tremendously touching.
I have a new appreciation of all movies, however bad, and videographers and all related in making video, movies etc. Gosh it is a layered process with many outputs.


In this final video submission we went through 2-3 days of content writing and seeing what message we wanted to convey. Many hours of choosing video footage and photographs to get the message through, was not easy. My kids and husband have been really patient with me with all my crazy requests and worked with me to get this is iMovie ready in time. We tried to be as honest with our message to convey our passion and I hope, you like it.

In this entire process I had may moments when I was exhausted and emotional overwhelmed. However my family and your support with small reminders of appreciation, has been a true silver lining.

 Whatever the outcome "we have already won"!


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