Every Teapot Has a Name


 Ok we named our teapot!

Terra Klay tea set has a distinct earthy, yet contemporary appearance. Though creative designs are incorporated into the ceramics to reflect vision and passion of local artisans, the crafting method has been passed down from one generation to another reflecting cultural identity and tradition. These ceramics are truly unique functional works of art.

What makes Terra Klay pottery so authentic is the masterful creation of a home-based, skilled artisan. Nearly as far from a factory as possible, each pot or cup is expertly crafted by women. Whether it is artisan Sarah or Apem, or Athing, a pot is more than a physical object to each— it represents her identity, her heritage, and a better future for her family and people. The beauty of each piece also comes from the fact that each one is individually created yet no two are exactly the same. Slight imperfections add to the handmade nature of the craft without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Your purchase would support women artisans who are daring to make a difference in their communities and be entrepreneurs in their own right. Admiring their courage and determination to compete in a global marketplace with limited resources, we named our teapots after these woman artisans, cheering their spirit and courage.



Artisan showing the making of Black Clay Pottery in the village of Longpi,Manipur

Artisans with Black Clay pottery in Longpi,Manipur


Terra Klay artisan at work


Thank you for reading and supporting the artisans of Terra Klay


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