Bringing Spring to our Gift Box for Mother's Day!

Bringing Spring to our Gift Box for Mother's Day!

Sarah Hicks & Anthology Objects creates sculptural and functional objects of art and design.  She brings you whimsically elegant hand made ceramic pieces that are inspired by a myriad of forms, shapes and patterns occurring in natural world.  From the rhythm of a wave, to the Fibonacci spiral occurring in a flower, to the wonders of the microbial world, all help shape both the form and surface of the pieces she creates.  Crafted from only the finest quality porcelain clay, Sarah Hicks, Anthology Objects designs pieces that are modern yet classic, and meant to stand the test of time.   

Born and raised in Labadie, Missouri a small town west of St. Louis, she had the good fortune of growing up with a family of talented artisans and makers.  Through them she collected a range of skills that contribute to the work she make today.  Sarah learned textile arts such as sewing, spinning, quilting and weaving through her mother and was influenced by her father’s talents as a builder, woodworker, traditional cabinetmaker and armchair horticulturalist.  These experiences imparted in Sarah an appreciation for fine craft and the handmade. Those experiences frequently influence her choice of patterns, color and texture in the surfacing of her work.

You can find her creation in Terra Klay's curated gift boxes.

Sarah currently lives and works in Chicago, IL where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999.

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