Stories that Inspire! Connecting with other Small Businesses

Stories that Inspire! Connecting with other Small Businesses

Here is the other small business we are introducing for this years Gift box. Not only do the products compliment each other, they also tell a story that inspires. 

TeaLula - Tea Boutique and Tasting Bar

TeaLula has been the premier provider of loose leaf teas to the community of Park Ridge, IL since 2008. Sheila Duda, a Certified Tea Specialist, and her husband Fred opened the shop to provide an oasis to those who enjoy the benefits tea can have on the mind and body. Blending brews and knowledge of the finest imported teas and exclusive custom blends, TeaLula features more than 100 unique loose leaf teas from gardens around the globe. 

They are proud to be a part of the tea community and to bring flavors from around the world to each person who walks through TeaLula’s doors. They give customers the quality and community only an independent business can provide. 

 Sheila and Fred support tea picking families in Darjeeling, India by providing for their children’s education.

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